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New York City born and bred, Saul Rivers is a singer songwriter for a lost generation. His songs take the listener on a journey of self-reflection; entrancing listeners with his soulful voice and thoughtful, storytelling lyrics. With a wide range of influences across several genres, it’s no wonder that Rivers blends these sonic characteristics to form his own unique sound with a voice that distinguishes him from the rest. 

Following the success of the title track from his last EP “Couldn’t Do It Alone” which garnered over a million streams on Spotify, Rivers is thrilled to be putting out some new music on a new platform for indie artists like himself. Having joined Level Music in 2019 where he put out his recent single, “Waves” followed by the “Zach Ezzy Remix” of the tune, Rivers is excited to put out his third single this year with “Change”. 

Having worked with Grammy winning producer Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, Vampire Weekend) on his most recent works, Rivers has taken his studio sound to the next level and is eager to get out on the road to tour his new music. With the world at his feet and a potent sound driving him forward, it's hard not to be enamored with the singer-songwriter whose voice tugs at your soul.



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